I Ponder
Student Protestors stop protesting; start studying.
19 October 2015
The student protests occurring at universities across the country have me very concerned and have actually upset me quite significantly. While I am sympathetic to the students that battle to pay their fees I do not believe that this is truly the matter at hand, it has been used as an excuse to cause disruption […]
Caught My Eye
Are we doing sex education right?
20 August 2015
I am sure that everyone can agree that sex ed is vitally important for adolescents and teenagers, but it is often taboo to the teachers that are meant to be providing it. Added to this, outdated education materials and philosophies such as abstinence only don’t do anything to properly educate those at a vital age […]
Current Happenings
PRIDE #LoveWins
27 June 2015
Many people woke up to their Facebook timeline’s filled with rainbow profile pictures. This in celebration of the US Supreme Court voting to allow same-sex marriage throughout the United States, and Facebook pushing an app to add a transparent rainbow over profile photos – Heck, even Mark Zuckerberg did it! I believe that homosexuality is […]

The easiest part of being an entrepreneur is coming up with ideas; the hardest part is making those ideas become a reality.

Richard Branson